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Auriel Application

Auriel 2.1 What's New Guide New Media Tab Window, Dynamic Zone Grouping and more
Niles Auriel 2.1.126 Firmware PC Installer to update the Auriel Firmware. Read 2.1.126 Release Notes. NOTE: Auriel v.2.0 software must be installed on your MRC before running the 2.1 installer.  
Niles Auriel BSP-LMS Streamer Patch Patch resolves LMS internal streamer playback issues with stations that use sample rate other than 44.1kHz. 
Niles Auriel 2.0 Controller Rename Request Form Customize your controller name for remote access. Requires Auriel 2.0
Niles Auriel 2.0 Mobile Guide See the exciting changes in Auriel 2.0 Mobile clients.
Niles Auriel Viewer App for iOS Auriel Viewer 2.0 for iOS to configure and control the MRC-6430.
Niles Auriel Viewer App for Android Auriel Viewer 2.0 for Android to configure and control the MRC-6430.
Niles Auriel 2.0 Viewer App for Mac Auriel Viewer for Mac to configure and control the MRC-6430.
Niles Auriel 2.0 Viewer App for PC Auriel Viewer for PC to configure and control the MRC-6430.
Niles Auriel Factory Reset Factory Reset exe for MRC-6430. Factory Reset Instructions.


Auriel Documentation

Quick Installation Guide This guide provides guidance for installing the MRC-6430 in order to ensure top performance for your customer.
Auriel Design Guide This guide provides ideas for designing the Auriel ecosystem around the MRC-6430.
IR Codes Guide This guide provides a list of the IR devices supported in Auriel. If codes are missing in the guide AND from the software, please use the IR Request Form and submit to


Auriel Tech Notes

TV Tuner and Media Player Setup Last Updated: 8/15/2016


Auriel Application Notes

Lighting Configuration - Auriel 2.0 Last Updated: 6/30/2016
Climate Configuration - Auriel 2.0 Last Updated: 6/30/2016
Internal Player Configuration - Auriel 2.0 Last Updated: 7/05/2017
VeraEdge Z-Wave Configuration - Auriel 2.0 Last Updated: 6/30/2016
HR200 WiFi Compatibility Note Last Updated: 12/5/2014
Sonos Last Updated: 12/11/2014
Autonomic MMS Last Updated: 7/15/2014
Denon AVR Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Fusion Ovation Last Updated: 7/15/2014
Integra XX.9 Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Integra Onkyo XX.X Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Logitech MediaServer Last Updated: 7/15/2014
Marantz AVR Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Pioneer 2013 AVR Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Pioneer AVR Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Yamaha 3900 Last Updated: 7/31/2014
Yamaha Aventage Last Updated: 7/31/2014


Auriel Training

Training Guide This guide prepares you for programming the MRC-6430.
Auriel Introduction - Training Program This training covers the introduction to the Auriel product line (including chassis installation), the configuration of zones and interfaces, and set-up of lighting and climate.

The Auriel training will prepare you for installing the Niles MRC-6430 Auriel. It includes a lesson on software setup, a look at the System Wizard, how to configure the chassis and sources, how to integrate a home theater system, and how to configure zones and user interfaces. The tutorial may be viewed as an integrated experience complete with spot quizzes to ensure you're internalizing the material, or as a video played back via the following YouTube video. Any questions, feel free to reach out to Niles Technical Support. Enjoy the experience!


Firmware Archive

Niles Auriel 2.1.126 Firmware

Niles Auriel 2.0.75 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.4.527 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.4.524 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.4.118 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.4.104 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.4.30 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.3 Firmware

Niles Auriel 1.2 Firmware